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Confident Oils. The complete course.

What I will learn?

  • Landscape ,marine, portrait, floral and still life painting techniques.
  • How to set up your subject matter and compose it to create a powerful yet simple painting.
  • Combining photos to create a piece of art that tells a story.
  • How to mix colours to achieve realistic and great results.
  • The secrets to expressing light with pigments.
  • How to judge your work and effective problem solving along the way.
  • How to apply the paint in underpainting and overpainting techniques using brushes and palette knife
  • How to create a 3D effect on a 2D surface understanding the importance of values, depth, distance and tone.
  • How to set up lighting with still life compositions and models.
  • You will learn how to draw with mass and angles to achieve realistic results.
  • You will learn composition and design strategies.
  • How to paint plein air. Tips and tricks for success in painting outdoors.
  • How to handle backgrounds.
  • Juxtaposition of colours to create vibrancy in a painting.
  • Everything you need to know to produce a painting of worth.

Course Curriculum

Welcome Video
Welcome some hints if you lack motivation and have time management issues

  • Me saying Hi and Welcome

Green apples and glass stilllife
This is a video that you can follow and then I will walk you through setting up a similar still life and you can create it at home and send in your finished piece to the Facebook group for comments

Quick Floral
In this video you will see me painting a very simple composition in outdoor sunlight

Commissioned still life
In this video we experience a backlit scene so the dark and light pattern is exaggerated and dramatic. The challenge is to create the cup,teapot and book lifelike enough with the distinctive patterning to be recognised whilst keeping them tonally exciting

Matilda Bay figures and Dalmatian on the Swan River
For this months video I have created in 3 parts with a two part video on mixing the colours. There are downloadable photos for you to use if you want to try this painting. Or You can take your own photos and create something similar. I have also added an alternative choice for those who feel daunted by the figures. This is to be found in the section below . ENJOY

A simple seascape for those daunted by the figures on the beach

A simple way to paint a rose
Creating lights over darks . You can make this as simple or as complicated as you like

Painting Peter
This is a portrait painting done from a model The face was lit from the side by warm light giving the face some contrast. It was done on a solid greyed down teal green background which was really effective when painting the warm lights in the skin tones as the background being green is complementary to the red and orange skin tones .

Plein Air Painting of Trigg Beach
This is a large plein air painting done in 3 videos outlining my thinking processes and the creativity involved in making art that represents but also changes the subject matter. It shows you how you can create something new even if you are observing what you see closely.

Understanding Landscape painting preparation. What to paint and what to leave out
This video will give you insight into how to to improve photos that you take using your devices or just by sketching. You will start to understand how to simplify and interpret what you are seeing

Big,Bold and colourful African Elephants

Apples and Ladel
This is a dynamic still life with a fabulous composition and exciting elements. You will learn how to set up and create a unique painting. It’s also much simpler than it appears and I am hoping that you gain so much knowlege from these videos 1.awareness of negative spaces 2. How to vary the sizes, shapes and spaces between objects 3. What to look for when trying to set something up 4. How all objects can be easily drawn by comparing and measuring 5. How it’s important to try and place the simple shapes first and then refine the drawing afterwards 6. How identifying and mixing the colours first leads to an easier and more streamlined painting experience 7. How the lights as well as the shadow areas need to consistent with each other. 8. How once you have the composition established the drawing can have character lines and brushwork can be exciting

Funky Flowers
In this section you will learn how to set up a floral in a bold way with lighting and props. You will learn how to control your paint using thin layers of darks in a dramatic underpainting. You will then be able to see how I jazz it up and create an impression of flowers through simple marks and adding the lights.

Understanding Clouds
In this months videos I show you how to paint a cumulus cloud. I also present an educational videos on what to look for when attempting to paint clouds. We look at cloud perspective and creating distance in a skyscape. I delve into understanding cloud shapes, 3 dimentiality and tonal values.

Creating simple value sketches and a street scene painting
In this monthly video series. I focus on what makes powerful designs in painting. How we create these designs using 4 tonal values. I show how to create a simple sketch using markers. I also take you through examples of simple tonal paintings that inspire and are phenomenal. I then proceed to do a street scene in my neighbourhood from scratch..letting you in on the struggle to keep the tones simple and powerful whilst still creating depth and believability

Claire’s Cat
In this months video I paint an impression of a cat in shadow. I break down the process 1) the mixing of the right colours to represent the darks and lights. I also give an explanation of how the same named colours colours vary by brand of paint 2) I do the drawing and underpainting. We explore how to get approximate colour as long as the tonal value works. We also learn how to pull the paint off to create lights 3) Adding in the lights and other colour 4) using the right brushes for final detail

Creating exciting texture on boards
In this section I show you how to create amazing texture that can add exciting effects to the appearance of your brushstrokes. Texture can create a loose and spontaneous impression

Painting Maggie from life
In these 2x 20 minute videos I show you from start to finish how to paint a model from life. The portrait video of Peter, Maggie’s Dad was done in a 2 hour session and was more of a sketchy version. This painting scans a few sessions with Maggie and i have condensed it into shorter videos with lots of useful information. We briefly cover posing the model Maintaining the pose and angles of the face Creative and fluid underpainting Lifting out colour to draw and ascertain shapes Mixing colour for this portrait Painting pattern on fabric loosely to create an impression Adding yellow lights to warm colours instead of whites Exaggerating features like the hat for more romance Trying not to overpaint backgrounds



Target Audience

  • Artists of any level wishing to expand their knowledge and understanding of painting techniques and process.