Figures on the beach

What Will You Learn?

  • How to tell a story with your photos
  • Creating something new from using 2 photos
  • Composing and drawing with mass not line
  • A photo is provided for gridding if drawing is not your strength
  • Painting process from start to finish
  • Painting figures,water and sand
  • Using delicious highlights to create impact
  • Using joyful clean colours juxtaposed with earthy colours
  • Keeping contrasts strong by keeping lights clean and pure
  • How to handle shadows in water
  • Reflections
  • Painting a monochrome underpainting
  • Complete colour mixing demonstration and tips
  • Understanding how to grey colours with complementaries
  • Mixing colours before the painting so that you can just place them
  • Keeping your oils workable by freezing in between painting sessions

Course Content

Matilda Bay figures and Dalmatian on the Swan River

  • My Drawing in paint part 1
  • Drawing in paint part 2
  • Matilda bay colour mixing 1
  • Matilda bay colour mixing 2
  • Matilda Bay part1
  • Matilda bay figures on the shore part 2
  • IMG_8967 Photo
  • IMG_8968 Photo