What Will You Learn?

  • How to paint flowers from life
  • How to compose,design and create your own unique floral set up
  • Learning how to express simple tonal shifts in creating the illusion of light and dark in your floral shapes
  • The importance of seeing shape correctly
  • Drawing with simple shaes first to use the canvas shape in the best way
  • Creating interesting negative and positive shapes
  • Flexibility of creating on the canvas instead of slavishly copying from your set up
  • Learning what to focus on and where to be loose
  • Using sunlight and studio light
  • Making impressions with marks
  • Being sensitive with edges

Course Content

Quick Floral

  • Quick Floral

Funkey Flowers
In this section you will learn how to set up a floral in a bold way with lighting and props. You will learn how to control your paint using thin layers of darks in a dramatic underpainting. You will then be able to see how I jazz it up and create an impression of flowers through simple marks and adding the lights.