Leanne Pearson's Debut Book: Plein Air Painting With Confidence

Are you looking for motivation, inspiration, excitement  and a whole heap of confidence to get you painting outdoors and loving every moment?

Need some restorative time in nature with your paints and a heart full of joy?

In this much loved book you will find the answers to your frustration and a clear enjoyable path forward to outdoor and still life painting success.

Leanne is a passionate artist and a dedicated teacher and in this treasure trove of information she gives all her expertise gained not only from decades of experience but also from the many workshops she has attended by master painters globally.

She has self published a limited number of Plein Air Painting with Confidence books and is receiving rave reviews.

So if you don’t want to miss out, get your copy today

Book: Plein Air Painting With Confidence
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Leanne Pearson's first book, Plein Air Painting With Confidence, is 124 pages of knowledge and expertise that Leanne has cultivated over the last two decades as a internationally acclaimed artist. Her book holds the solutions to your painting frustrations and paves a delightful path toward success in outdoor and still life painting.

What Readers Have Said So Far...

Your book is amazing. I really love it. It’s easy to read, easy to understand and full of joy. I love what you have done, and want to congratulate you for writing such a beautiful book.
Susanna Hawkes
Plein Air Painting With Confidence by Leanne Pearson is an absolute gem. She has a remarkable ability to capture the essence of a moment through her masterful use of light, which is truly inspiring. Her guidance has been invaluable as I embarked on my own journey into plein air painting. Having primarily worked with acrylics in the studio, Leanne’s expertise made the transition to oil painting from life, much smoother and a less daunting process. This book is a treasure trove of wisdom, offering a delightful array of advice that continues to enrich my artistic endeavours. Every page I turn reveals another precious nugget of information and I have already witnessed the positive impact on my creative work. Thank you Leanne for this empowering and transformative guide
Hayley Kruger