Bold colour abstract elephants in acrylics and oils

What Will You Learn?

  • Creating interesting backgrounds
  • Working big and spontaneosly
  • Freedom in acrylic paint. Tying colous together by working the whole painting simultaneously
  • Using colour intuitively but being mindful of keeping harmony
  • Using earth colours to keep it real
  • Overpainting in acrylic layers
  • Constantly assessing choices yet allowing bold colour experimentation
  • Using one brush for the entire painting
  • Adding marks randomly and pulling it all together

Course Content

Introduction to Bold Colourful Elephant

  • Introduction to Bold Colourful Elephant
  • Experimenting with getting on a background underpainting
  • Getting The Drawing In And Some Colour
  • More Colour Layers
  • Bringing In Delicious Oils
  • Just a quick overview of the colours used in the time lapse video below
  • Time lapse video of elephants done with a very limited palette