Plein Air

What Will You Learn?

  • How to set up and work with a half french easel.
  • The advantages of working with the basic 6 colour limited palette for plein air painting.
  • Mixing Greens which is so important in landscape.
  • Understanding tone and simplifying masses by doing small tonal sketches.
  • Compositional understanding
  • Working with a fairly large canvas outdoors
  • Step by step interpretation of a coastal landscape.
  • Learning how to create the illusion of distance.
  • Understanding the importance of hard and soft edges
  • Perspective in skies and clouds

Course Content

Setting up a half French easel

  • Setting up a half French easel

75 Tips for becoming the most satisfied and joyful PLEIN AIR PAINTER

A short video explaining matarials of the 4 value system and examples of successful simplified tonal paintings

Colour Magic

Understanding Landscape painting preparation. What to paint and what to leave out
This video will give you insight into how to to improve photos that you take using your devices or just by sketching. You will start to understand how to simplify and interpret what you are seeing

Plein Air Painting of Trigg Beach
This is a large plein air painting done in 3 videos outlining my thinking processes and the creativity involved in making art that represents but also changes the subject matter. It shows you how you can create something new even if you are observing what you see closely.

Understanding Clouds