Current Workshops

Embark on a creative journey like no other with a 4 Day Art Workshop led by acclaimed artist Leanne Pearson, winner of the Plein Air Down Under Competition 2022/2023.  

The workshops promise to elevate your painting skills to new heights. With personalised guidance and insightful instruction, you’ll have the chance to refine your techniques amidst the beauty of the natural world.

We are keeping the workshop small to make sure every artist gets 1 on 1 time with Leanne Pearson to help you see your progress and elevate your work.

2024 Workshops


Autumn Workshop  (Monday 13th May –Thursday 16th May)

 Spring Workshop 1 (Monday 7th October – Thursday 10th October)

Spring Workshop 2 (Monday 21st October – Thursday 24th October)


Autumn Workshop (Wed 22nd May – Friday 24th May) 

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Autumn Workshop – Rottnest Island
Rated 0 out of 5

May 22nd - 24th 2024

All Inclusive Package

Spring Workshop 2 – Banksia Springs Cottages
Rated 0 out of 5

October 21st -24th 2024

All Inclusive Package

Spring Workshop 1 – Banksia Springs Cottages
Rated 0 out of 5

October 7th - 10th 2024

All Inclusive Package

Autumn Workshop – Banksia Springs Cottages
Rated 0 out of 5

May 13th - 16th 2024

All Inclusive Package

Tuition Only – October Workshop
Rated 0 out of 5

Tuition Only: $595 you will receive expert painting guidance from Leanne Pearson but you will have to organise your own accomodation, and make sure you come each day for your tuition.   For more information about the workshop click here

Having issues? Then email to secure your spot.

Material Lists for Workshop

To read our art workshop cancellation policy, please click here. 

Acceptable brands as artist quality paints (not student)

Art spectrum, Norma, Windsor and Newton and langridge


Cadmium yellow ($4)

Lemon yellow (S1)

Cadmium red (medium) ($4)

Permanent Crimson / Quinoxadrine Red (S3)

Ultramarine blue ($2)

Cerulean blue

Phthalo green

Titanium white

Burnt sienna (SI)

Yellow ochre (S1)

Burnt umber (SI)

A range of sizes 2,4,6,8,10 and 12

A few tiny synthetic watercolour brushes for detail

A riggor bruch for signing (watercolour)

Jacksons have the Holbein k series which are a decent brush range

Their mongoose brush range is a beautiful but really expensive range

Oxlades in Guthrie street will have a different choice

Neef is a really nice brand and works well for landscapes

My favourite all time brushes Rosemary & Co, they offer Plein Air sets but they also offer an ivory synthetic range that is hardy and relatively inexpensive. Has to be ordered online.

Please bring a canvas size of your choice

Palette knife: One small and a longer one


Some rags

Paper towels

A palette (tear off or wooden, Perspex or glass (old frame))

Baby wipes

Gamsol low toxic solvent to use as a medium and to clean brushes

Pure gum turps for Plein Air painting

Stainless steel airtight brush cleaner

Copic pens (c3, c7, c10) and a small sketch book

Canvas Boards: Two 10 x 12's, Two 8 x 10's, Six 6 x 8's

Hat, Sunscreen, Bug Spray (optional), Light umbrella and Apron 

Permanent rose (S4)

Cadmium orange ($4)

Veridian green (S4)

Michael Harding's Indian yellow red shade

Book A Workshop

I am always happy to do requested workshops through art groups and societies.

I am a passionate workshop presenter who has a lot of energy when it comes to bringing out the best in others. I enjoy connecting with other aspiring learners and helping them overcome obstacles in their process, thinking or understanding. I am patient and encouraging and love to build confidence in others. I have many years of teaching experience and relating to different personalities and different skill levels. I love interacting with other like-minded aspiring art lovers and I love a good challenge. I teach all genres of painting from still life, plein air landscape, portraiture, floral and semi-abstraction.

Oils is my medium of choice. I work with people’s individual styles as opposed to teaching one style or method of painting. If you are naturally more abstract orientated then we will work with your style and inclination to improve your skills, even in a group situation. Many total beginners have become successful professional artists and teachers after training with me for a few years.

If you would like to request a workshop just contact me and it can be organised, contact us