Apprentice Basics

About Course

This is a casual set of videos covering all the basics of using oil paints. I like to keep things simple and uncomplicated. Here you will find videos covering the following topics.

*Materials used for oil painting.


*Studio set up.

*Paints and Colours.


*Varnish or not to Varnish.

*Different Surfaces for oils.

*Priming surfaces and adding texture.

*Thumbnail sketches and Design.

*Using Technology to create designs from photo reference.

*Drawing in paint using block in shape as opposed to line drawing.

*Toning a canvas.

*My preference of oils over acrylics


What Will You Learn?

  • This foundational course will give you all you need to know about materials, colour, tone, edges, creating texture and painting surfaces.

Course Content

Exploring and understanding Matarials for painting in oils
In this section I will show you all the tools I use and how I use them. I will show you videos of me using specific matarials,when I use them and why.  I have kept the information simple and relevant. ‘I would love you to experience this amazing medium without being put off by too much unnecessary info. There are many misconceptions about oils being complicated and unhealthy.

  • Basic art equipment and my trolley setup
  • Using cut canvas off a roll on board
  • My brushes
  • Setting up a half French easel
  • Toning a surface
  • My take on mediums..keeping it simple
  • Surfaces
  • Brushes, Paints & Essentials
  • Toning your canvas with burnt sienna.
  • Varnishing
  • Cleaning your brushes
  • My take on oils versus acrylics.🦋

Drawing methods
Learn to use a formula to help you get gridding right so that you have all the tools in place to do a great drawing. Particularly helpful when doing a painting from a complicated photo. Learn how to draw with shape using paint. Learn how to draw using your right brain

Colour Magic
Here I show you how to gain mastery of colour through understanding colour bias and mixing exercises. Once you feel that you gained colour control you are the master of your painting process

Tone or Value.. the most important aspect of painting
What is tone How tone is the backbone to successful painting. Creating a tonal tool to help see tone Sqinting

Using your devices to manipulate photos to explore composition options

Creating exciting texture on boards
In this section I show you how to create amazing texture that can add exciting effects to the appearance of your brushstrokes. Texture can create a loose and spontaneous impression.

Photo reference for your use