Online Courses

If you are in need of inspiration, guidance, motivation and some easy-to-follow processes that will take your art passion to a whole new level then you have found the right platform. These courses are generous in explanation and information. Leanne is a passionate teacher who understands the frustration of navigating artistic growth alone. She holds your hand through her succinct, but value filled video courses where she explains her thinking and her process. Leanne has 30 years of teaching experience, and she absolutely genuinely loves sharing her passion, knowledge and skills.

Whether you’re a novice looking to embark on a creative journey with our Apprentice Basics course or a seasoned artist aiming to refine your craft with our Confident Oils. Everything I know. course, we have a that will help let your artistic potential flourish!

Additionally, for those seeking shorter yet equally impactful experiences, our Mini Courses offer intensive workshops in specialised techniques such as portraits, plein air, landscapes, still life and more.

Main Course

Confident Oils. Everything I know.

art addicts painting course

What I will learn?

  • Landscape, marine, portrait, floral and still life painting techniques.
  • How to set up your subject matter and compose it to create a powerful yet simple painting.
  • Combining photos to create a piece of art that tells a story.
  • How to mix colours to achieve realistic and great results.
  • The secrets to expressing light with pigments.
  • How to judge your work and effective problem solving along the way.
  • How to apply the paint in underpainting and overpainting techniques using brushes and palette knife
  • How to create a 3D effect on a 2D surface understanding the importance of values, depth, distance and tone.
  • How to set up lighting with still life compositions and models.
  • You will learn how to draw with mass and angles to achieve realistic results.
  • You will learn composition and design strategies.
  • How to paint plein air. Tips and tricks for success in painting outdoors.
  • How to handle backgrounds.
  • Juxtaposition of colours to create vibrancy in a painting.
  • Everything you need to know to produce a painting of worth.

Beginner's Course

Apprentice Basics

What I will learn?

  • This foundational course will give you all you need to know about materials, colour, tone, edges, creating texture and painting surfaces.

Mini Courses